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Deflect is not the only DDoS-mitigation service available for human rights defenders, civil society groups, independent media and freedom of speech activists. At the time of writing, here are two other (well-known) initiatives which offer DDoS mitigation services free of charge.

Each offers a robust, capable service, so you will likely be protected whichever one you choose. However, there are key differences with each provider that we believe are crucial to consider before making your choice. You can also read an excellent overview of the field with extensive advice on how to protect your site from an attack here

Features Deflect Project Galileo Project Shield
Open Source Yes Some Components Optimization libraries
SSL Yes Yes Yes
Headquarters Canada USA USA
Loyal to Users - non commercial Stakeholders - commercial Shareholders
Sign-Up https://dashboard.deflect.ca/signup By referral or online By referral or online
Eligibility Deflect's eligibility criteria NGOs and civil society groups Media, elections and human rights orgs
Disk Encryption Yes No No
Data Logging Opt-out Yes Yes
Infrastructure About Deflect Data Centers Data Centers

Having said all that, Deflect is the only service which:

  • Operates on a non-profit basis and exists specifically to protect human rights groups and independent media websites
  • Does not accept groups which promote hate speech, incite violence, advocate censorship, use our network for criminal activities or wilfully disseminate propaganda
  • Never changes or denies service due to very large attack size
  • Encrypt our partners' data at rest: on each caching server
  • Does not give away or sell any data to a third party
  • Is trying to solve the problem, not just react to it
  • Is a dedicated service run by dedicated people with backgrounds in human rights, journalism, digital security and tech-activism. We do this because we believe in it and we want to support the activists and journalists who risk so much to do their work.