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We welcome anybody with the time and talent to lend a hand translating the wiki into other languages. Write to info @ deflect . ca if you'd like to help out


  1. Create an account here: Special:UserLogin and log in
  2. Open Special:Preferences and switch to your language of choice under 'Internationalisation'.
  3. Return to this page and check the Translation Table below for which pages to translate.
    1. Original Pages are ranked in terms of priority, where 9 is most important and 1 is least important. (If you are tech-minded and highly motivated, then by all means please do the 1s and 3s).
    2. A Translation Page in red does not exist yet and requires full translation. To start, just open it and then paste in the full, raw format wiki text from the Original Page.
    3. A Translation Page in blue has been translated but could be incomplete or out of date. Confirm the date of modification and if they differ by more than a few days, please update the translation.
  4. If there is no page in your language, you can create it easily. Go to the English page you want to translate and in the browser's address bar append a '/' followed by the two-letter code for your language (e.g. Create the requested page and begin translating. Again, you will need to take the raw format wiki text from the Original Page and paste it in.
  5. In all cases, scroll down to click Save page periodically.


Because the wiki is a living thing, there are (infrequent) occasions in which a page is updated and all the translated pages need to be changed accordingly. We are particularly interested in translators who feel generous enough to follow these updates and jump on the translations that need to be done.

  1. Go to Special:Preferences, scroll to the bottom of the User Profile tab and tick the box 'E-mail me when a page on my watchlist is changed'
  2. Go to the pages you have translated and select 'Watch' from the drop-down arrow menu to the left of the 'Search' box. You will now receive an email notification whenever this text will change
  3. You could view the revision history of a particular page by clicking 'View History' next to the drop-down arrow. Then select 'Compare Selected Revisions' and you will see what has been changed.


You still follow the procedure above for creating translations of the FAQ page and copying the text from the Original Page, but because of the way the wiki is set up, to translate the actual content of the FAQ, please go to Category:FAQ


Please stick to the linking conventions. If there is a link to an external page (in raw text format there will be single [straight brackets] bordering this) such as a wikipedia page, then please find the equivalent in your language and replace the URL accordingly. If the link is internal (in raw text format there will be double [ [straight brackets] ] bordering this), then please find the equivalent in your language and replace the URL. If the page does not exist, then please create it.

Translation Table[edit]

Original PagePriorityLast ModifiedTranslation Page
Technical Information912 January 2016 14:51:47
Main Page97 April 2017 17:07:35
About Deflect921 March 2017 10:58:35
Deflect FAQ925 October 2016 10:01:16
SandBox914 January 2016 17:23:18
Procedure923 March 2017 17:17:14
Projects929 January 2016 16:30:16
DDeflect630 March 2017 12:34:18
Cookies327 January 2016 16:47:40
SSL Support325 January 2017 14:20:52
BotnetDBP329 March 2017 10:16:52
Deflect and Apache Traffic Server121 January 2016 14:17:21
Installing Deflect121 January 2016 14:20:17