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Herein the few simple steps to join Deflect:

  1. Sign-up on
  2. We will send you an email with temporary login details
  3. Log-in and follow the prompts to set-up your site's DNS, security settings and SSL/TLS certificates if necessary. More info in the Registration walkthrough
  4. We receive your application, approve it according to our guidelines and set-up your website on Deflect
  5. You receive notification to change your name servers (NS) to Deflect
  6. Point your NS at Deflect

That's it!

Potential partners in the project need to consider the following technical details:

  • Deflect protection is meant to be pro-active and implemented prior to a DDoS attack. You can switch during a DDoS attack but it will take us longer to set you up. Once you have switched to Deflect, your website will be cached across our infrastructure and Internet traffic will be directed towards it.
  • You will need to point your DNS name server records to a Deflect host. At any time you can opt out of Deflect by changing the DNS records to point back to the original name servers.
  • Your website address will remain unchanged to the Internet. Your editorial staff will need to authenticate themselves with a password you define in the Deflect Dashboard.
  • It is recommended that you change your server's IP address once behind Deflect.
  • Deflect has SSL Support for your website. You can ask us to create TLS certificates for you or you can share yours through the Dashboard.
  • You may need to implement certain updates on your existing website platform prior to being accepted by the Deflect project. This will ensure that common attack loopholes are closed, making it less vulnerable to malicious hacking and DDoS.
  • Because Deflect is a free service, we do not guarantee 24/7 support. However, with members based on 3 continents and working according to a monitoring schedule, someone is usually available to address any issues that may arise.