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Deflect Service Policy - DRAFT

  1. Deflect clients' relationship with is not disclosed to any third-party without their prior consent.
  2. Your personal details are stored on encrypted servers at and are accessible to the team on a need-to-know basis only.
  3. We don't publicise our protection of your site, however because of the nature of the Deflect infrastructure, it is possible to determine that a host is on the Deflect network. This affords the same level of privacy as a commercial provider of similar services.
  4. We offer Deflect clients an opportunity to not retain logging data. Log collection is needed for better analytic and usage reports. Logs are stored on encrypted partitions throughout the Deflect network. At any time, you may change the logging policy for your site on Deflect
  5. We work in partnership with many different hosting providers to ensure that our network is distributed and can sustain a large attack. This also means that our servers are subject to the provider's individual privacy policies.
  6. We implement hard disk encryption across the network to minimise any opportunity for data theft and surveillance. We adhere to the highest standards of privacy and authenticity in our internal communications and encourage you to do the same!